Best Stops to Make During your Trip from Gwalior-Agra highway

Gwalior Fort

If you’re looking for a fresh experience every weekend, let this weekend be a fail-safe version of thrill and astonishment for you. Are you wondering how this is possible? Just plan a weekend road trip and the rest will fall into place. However, for a list of places to visit on your trip from Gwalior to Agra, do some research before you hit the road.

Gwalior Fort

If Indian history fascinates you, you should definitely pay a visit to the Gwalior Fort. It is one of Gwalior’s most important historical sites. Even from the outermost reaches of the city, you can see this fort. It is a massive edifice with peculiar architecture that is positioned on a high cliff. Furthermore, it is known as the “Pearl of India’s Fortresses.” When you see this fort, you will agree that this moniker is really apt for this structure.

Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum

Visiting a museum in each city allows you to gain insight into the culture and history of the area. So, if you’re in Gwalior, don’t forget to stop by the Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum. It will allow you to delve into the life of Gwalior’s famous emperors. This museum also houses several fascinating and antique Buddhist artworks and sculptures.

Cube Stop, Dhanela

Feeling tired and hungry on your long trip? Cube Stop gives you all the amenties that you can need during your highway travel. Get the best of local and multi-cuisine foods at the same place with clean and hygienic washrooms and convenient stores that have everything you will need for your further trip.

Cube Stop prides itself in aiming to fulfil their customer’s every need to make their journey even better and enjoyable.

Mughal Gardens, Agra

After touring the minarets, tombs, and complete monument, you may sit in the Mughal Garden or simply wander around it. The notion of a Charbagh or a Mughal Garden encircling the Taj was inspired by Persian gardens and reflects the concept of ‘Paradise Garden.’ It not only adds to the overall attractiveness of the complex, but it also features a long avenue of trees put out according to their scientific names. On full moon evenings, the fountain in the centre of the garden mirrors the Taj Mahal, giving it an even more bizarre sight than it already is.

Mehtab Bagh, Agra

The Charbagh, also known as Mehtab Bagh, was erected by the strong ruler Babur centuries before the Taj Mahal. This must-see Agra attraction, located north of the Taj complex, is lush with vegetation and affords an excellent perspective of the Taj Mahal.

This location, also known as the ‘Moonlight Garden,’ is ideal for seeing a magnificent sunset and taking some Instagram-worthy photos. Visitors frequently flock to Mehtab Bagh to escape the city’s normal tourist congestion. The garden provides them with such seclusion as well as much more.



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