Budget Eating Doesn’t Mean Unhealthy Eating While You Travel

healthy eating while you travel

If you are a bag packer traveller or a solo traveller then you will know the value of budget travelling as it is all about investing right at the right places.

Travelling on a budget is a daunting task, and unfortunately can deter few travellers’ from experiencing many things.

We love to eat. Indians love to eat. Not only that, it’s an important aspect of travelling. Good food can make or break your mood while travelling. Then, if you are on a long journey, going economical is equally important.

Here, if you are on Bengaluru-Chennai or Bengaluru-Hyderabad highway, then worry no more as CubeStop with its extensive range of facilities and services provide every traveller with a refreshing and delightful stopover experience. Without letting you spend too much on separate amenities, it’s a hub for all traveller’s need. From fuel

Refill, shop stop to the cleanest washroom with great food court, it is for all, with all.

If you are travelling and looking for some good Indian and International cuisine that is not just affordable but is made with keeping hygiene utmost priority, stop by CubeStop in Chinnar and Chikkaballapur to droll over some North Indian, South Indian and Continental food in the country’s best provider Cafe Udupi Ruchi which is world’s first chef less Indian cuisine restaurant that has been providing best of India cuisines to travellers. Then, to those who need chai as soon as the clock ticks their time, they have Chai Thela providing the best quality, fresh and hygienic tea with an accompaniment. You get to choose from a wide range of everyday and exotic tea flavours to satiate your buds. Then, those searching for International cuisine on their way, hop on Kutosshhh for some licious European, Italian and Mexican delights that are fresh and made with the utmost safety in mind.

Safety is precious. Keeping present time in mind, CubeStop follows all safety measure and makes sure that your highway experience is delightful and safe, wherein you don’t have to scroll through maps to find a perfect affordable place to eat on your journey.

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