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Popular Pit Stops on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway

Stops on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway

A three-hour journey can, at times, get boring. You can spice it up a bit by stopping by some random places. Well, if you are the explore-it-all kind, this blog is for you.

143km might not seem like a long distance to cover, but it sure can feel a little hectic. So, what’s the solution? The best one would be to pull over at good pit spots and kick the boredom away in seconds.

There are two routes from Bangalore to Mysore or vice versa, and it could take around 3 hours with usual traffic to reach. That said, let’s see some popular pit stops en route to this journey where you can relax your legs and hang around.

●  Manchanabele Dam

Manchanabele Dam

The first on the list is the famous Manchanabele Dam built across the Arkavathi river. For the peace lovers out there, who admire the company of nature, this is the place.

Sightseeing tip: You can enjoy boating in the river waters or engage in bird watching.

● Dodda Alada Mara

The big banyan tree, 28 km from Bangalore, is the biggest in the region. If you want to witness a 400-year-old crooked banyan, Dodda Alada Mara is the name you seek.

Ditch the busy roads and make a quick getaway to this old company occupying over 3 acres of land.

● Kanva Reservoir

If sunsets are your things, look no further. Plan your journey accordingly, so you get to witness a spectacular sunset with a glistening reflection in the waters of the Kanva reservoir.

● Ramadevara Betta

For the movie buff in you, Ramadevara Betta is where the classic Indian film Sholay was shot between 1972-75. With an altitude of 3000ft, these rocky mountains are surrounded by a luscious green forest. Ramadevara Betta is also home to the endangered Long-Billed Vultures.

● Narayanagiri Betta

One of the most uncommon hotspots in the area, you can enjoy the 45-minute trek at the Narayanagiri Betta. The calm and freshening breeze will get you through this steep trek, and the view from the top would be worth it all.

● Tippu Sultan’s Summer Palace

The list is incomplete without including a little something for history lovers. Tipu Sultan’s summer palace has excellent relevance in history; this is where the ‘Tiger of Mysore’ breathed his last. The palace’s architecture has an Indo-Islamic touch, making it incredibly beautiful and picturesque.

●  Balmuri and Yedmuri Falls

The breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls with scenic landscapes in the background are another attractive destination. Ideal for picnic and family getaways, you can enjoy long walks alongside the water stream and listen to the pleasant splash sounds of the water.

Balmuri and Yedmuri are also famous for their cinematic relevance. Several movies in different regional languages have been shot here over time.

Wrapping Up

There you go! Now you know where exactly to pull over to make your tiresome 3-hour road journey a trip you’ll cherish for a long time.

Refer to the list and visit these spectacular places the next time you are on the Mysore-Bangalore highway.



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Food it up as you cruise through the Indore-Khalghat Highway!


Good food is often associated with a high cost. But that’s not true. You can obtain tasty, hygienic, and affordable food if you look hard enough.

Taking an Indore-Khalgat trip means that you’ll need to take a rest stop for food. Manpur is the perfect location for the same. So, sit tight as we guide you through the best eateries in Manpur!

Importance of hygiene

With the advent of the pandemic, hygiene has gripped everyone. The importance of sanitization has been reiterated this past couple of years and is still echoed everywhere.

The shift from stalls to hygienic restaurants has been observed in eateries all over. As a result, everyone is ready to shell out a few extra bucks in favour of safety.

Who could blame them? After all, a lack of hygiene can lead to many diseases.

Fortunately, many establishments like CubeStop have been popping up, providing a range of services in a single place. They even have a lot of different food spots, covering a lot of cuisines.

List of spots to look out for

Manpur is a hub for a lot of delicious eateries. With hygiene and taste being the topmost priority, here’s a list of some restaurants that passed the test.

LIG Maggi & Pasta

What sounds like a peculiar combination is a revolution! LIG offers a variety of Maggi and pasta flavours that are sure to give your taste buds a treat. If you’re not a fan, they offer poha and fusions as well.

Chai Zaika

Tea is an irreplaceable Indian beverage. Chai Zaika allows you to sit back and enjoy your tea with various snacks. What’s more, the hygiene is top-notch!

Ramesh Dosa

Every cuisine gets equal love from us! Next up is Ramesh Dosa, known for its unique aromatic seasoning. Each dosa has a unique element embedded in it and provides you with an unforgettable taste.


Momo lovers, raise your hands! The coveted “teekhi chutney” paired with momos of your choice makes Sam’s a must-visit. But that’s not all! If you’re not in the mood for momos, their burgers, rolls, and shawarmas will satisfy your cravings.


Why restrict yourself to a single cuisine? Don’t worry; we have multi-cuisine on the menu as well! Panjtara caters to your cravings by offering Thai and Chinese cuisine. It’s a family-friendly place that boasts impeccable hygiene and a good ambiance.

Top ’n Town

How could we forget dessert? Top ‘n Town makes sure that your sweet tooth is satisfied. They offer a variety of ice cream and shakes that can help you cool off after a long trip.

Dil Wala Pan Bhandar

Delve into the exquisite taste of Pan as you take a break. Moreover, you can stock on supplies here as well. Don’t worry; it caters to all hygiene standards!


Last but not least, it’s our very own traditional Indian cuisine! Chingkara consists of various food, ranging from biryanis and tikkas to noodles. Fill up on some heavy food before you continue on your journey!

Summing up

With a variety of cuisine available in a single place, all your travel worries can evaporate! Furthermore, you can use CubeStop for refuelling as well as shopping.

Why go to multiple stops when one-stop solve all?

Rest Stop: The Best Restaurants on Bangalore to Hyderabad Highway

Rest Stop: The Best Restaurants on Bangalore to Hyderabad Highway

The Bangalore to Hyderabad highway is densely populated and crowded with different restaurants, rest stops, and more. You won’t be hard-up for a place to get some food and eat, but you don’t want to stop and any old place.

When making such a lengthy journey, it’s important to stop at the best restaurant in Bangalore to Hyderabad highway. It ensures that your journey goes smooth and you’re not reaching your destination tired and grumpy!

Need for Rest Stops on Highways

Highways are synonymous with long trips. Often, they’re longer than two hours, and you’ll need a break or two to energize and stretch your legs. It becomes essential to stop and rest to prevent accidents as a driver.

But, the need to stop at a good restaurant on the highway goes beyond just resting. The best restaurant in Bangalore to Hyderabad Highway will have the following:

  • A clean restroom to wash up
  • A good variety of food and cuisines to choose from
  • Areas for play and walking around

If you’re looking for spaces with stores, then you’ll need a rest stop. Cubestop has restaurants, small stores, play areas, and more. So, you can get re-energized and stay in the holiday mood!

How Were the Restaurants Chosen?

When looking for the right restaurant to add to the list, the following factors were considered:

  • Food: the cuisine and food quality are important, possibly the most important factor.
  • Convenience: Not everybody has the time to detour and stop at an obscure restaurant!
  • Reviews: Looking at reviews of people who have been to these restaurants provides the clearest picture!

Best Restaurants on Bangalore to Hyderabad Highway

With all that said and done, it’s finally time to talk about the restaurants themselves. Here are the very best on the Bangalore – Hyderabad highway!

Chai Thela

There’s nothing like a cup of chai midway through your journey. Instead of stopping at just any odd stall on the side of the road, you can opt for Chai Thela. The restaurant is inspired by the beloved chai stalls that you might be tempted to stop at, but it’s hygienic!

The modern, revamped chai stall has several snacks and food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) to accompany your chai cravings. So, you’ll be warm, full, and ready to start on your way!

Simply South

When you’re in South India, it’s best to eat like a local. If you’re craving a dosa or some other South Indian snacks, then stop off at Simply South. It has a variety of breakfast foods and other snacks for you to gorge yourself on before you set off on your journey.

Along with your breakfast and snacks, you get a variety of beverages guaranteed to keep you satiated after a fulfilling meal. Did we mention that it’s completely healthy?

Wrapping Up

There’s nothing worse than stepping into the wrong restaurant on a journey. On highways like the one between Bangalore and Hyderabad, it’s easy to choose the wrong place and end up eating horrible food.

But, with this list, you’ll be set to eat only at the best of restaurants. Not only will you keep up your strength, but you’ll enjoy the ride!

Food Routes: The Best Restaurants in the Bangalore to Chennai Highway


When looking for the best restaurant in the Bangalore to Chennai highway, there are many dishes to try out. With the popularity of the national highway rising, the number of food establishments rose proportionately.

While it isn’t a life-or-death decision, the right restaurant on your drive can set the tone for the rest of your trip. Whether it is cuisine, food type, or ambiance, there are restaurants of every kind. But choosing the best one comes down to picking from the cult classic!

The Vellore Kitchen

Vellore Kitchen is an excellent choice if you’re looking for options. Placed conveniently on the way to Bengaluru, it’s a place you can either stop for a complete dining experience or get a quick bite to go.

There’s something for everyone with the best of Indian and Asian cuisine. Whether you’re craving a complete South Indian meal or some starters for tea, The Vellore Kitchen doesn’t disappoint with service, quality, or ambiance.

Hotel SaiSangeet

When you don’t want to get off the highway on the way, then Hotel SaiSangeet is a convenient option. They’re a South Indian vegetarian restaurant, so this isn’t the right stop if you’re looking for a non-vegetarian meal.

When looking for the best restaurant in the Bangalore to Chennai highway for a vegetarian meal, you can’t beat SaiSangeet. A quick lunch stop should keep you energetic for the drive back.

Murugan Idli Shop

If you’re looking for a food experience to connect Chennai and Bangalore, you need to stop at Murugan Idli Shop. The South Indian vegetarian restaurant is one of the finest ways to sample some South Indian tiffin food.

The experience isn’t just tasty but remarkably healthy. As South Indian food is known to be, there are many nutrients in every meal. It doesn’t leave too full or heavy.

Ambur Star Biryani

There is nothing better than some biryani as you cruise down to your destination. As it happens, the highway between Bangalore and Chennai has one of the best restaurants for it. Ambur Star Biryani has remained one of the best restaurants for biryani around town.

It’s the perfect stop for afternoon lunch or dinner, especially if biryani’s your favorite. It remains the authentic recipe and has been the favorite of those passing on the highway for a long time now.

A2B Veg Restaurant

When you’re traveling early and haven’t had time for some breakfast beforehand, then A2B is the perfect place to stop off. Complete with South Indian vegetarian options such as idli and dosa, it’s light and quick.

A2B is a staple breakfast option for most travelers. It is pretty reasonable and convenient to stop at. There are options for everybody no matter the time of day, but breakfast is your best bet.

Wrapping Up

Multiple restaurants crop up all the time on the Bangalore to Chennai highway. But, when it comes to the very best spots on the highway, there’s none better than very classic. All these options have been around for long enough to become cult favorites.

With this list, you’re set to speed on ahead to enjoy your drive.