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Food it up as you cruise through the Indore-Khalghat Highway!


Good food is often associated with a high cost. But that’s not true. You can obtain tasty, hygienic, and affordable food if you look hard enough.

Taking an Indore-Khalgat trip means that you’ll need to take a rest stop for food. Manpur is the perfect location for the same. So, sit tight as we guide you through the best eateries in Manpur!

Importance of hygiene

With the advent of the pandemic, hygiene has gripped everyone. The importance of sanitization has been reiterated this past couple of years and is still echoed everywhere.

The shift from stalls to hygienic restaurants has been observed in eateries all over. As a result, everyone is ready to shell out a few extra bucks in favour of safety.

Who could blame them? After all, a lack of hygiene can lead to many diseases.

Fortunately, many establishments like CubeStop have been popping up, providing a range of services in a single place. They even have a lot of different food spots, covering a lot of cuisines.

List of spots to look out for

Manpur is a hub for a lot of delicious eateries. With hygiene and taste being the topmost priority, here’s a list of some restaurants that passed the test.

LIG Maggi & Pasta

What sounds like a peculiar combination is a revolution! LIG offers a variety of Maggi and pasta flavours that are sure to give your taste buds a treat. If you’re not a fan, they offer poha and fusions as well.

Chai Zaika

Tea is an irreplaceable Indian beverage. Chai Zaika allows you to sit back and enjoy your tea with various snacks. What’s more, the hygiene is top-notch!

Ramesh Dosa

Every cuisine gets equal love from us! Next up is Ramesh Dosa, known for its unique aromatic seasoning. Each dosa has a unique element embedded in it and provides you with an unforgettable taste.


Momo lovers, raise your hands! The coveted “teekhi chutney” paired with momos of your choice makes Sam’s a must-visit. But that’s not all! If you’re not in the mood for momos, their burgers, rolls, and shawarmas will satisfy your cravings.


Why restrict yourself to a single cuisine? Don’t worry; we have multi-cuisine on the menu as well! Panjtara caters to your cravings by offering Thai and Chinese cuisine. It’s a family-friendly place that boasts impeccable hygiene and a good ambiance.

Top ’n Town

How could we forget dessert? Top ‘n Town makes sure that your sweet tooth is satisfied. They offer a variety of ice cream and shakes that can help you cool off after a long trip.

Dil Wala Pan Bhandar

Delve into the exquisite taste of Pan as you take a break. Moreover, you can stock on supplies here as well. Don’t worry; it caters to all hygiene standards!


Last but not least, it’s our very own traditional Indian cuisine! Chingkara consists of various food, ranging from biryanis and tikkas to noodles. Fill up on some heavy food before you continue on your journey!

Summing up

With a variety of cuisine available in a single place, all your travel worries can evaporate! Furthermore, you can use CubeStop for refuelling as well as shopping.

Why go to multiple stops when one-stop solve all?

Rest is the Best: The Best Restaurant on Indore Khalghat Highway

best restaurant on Indore Khalghat highway

When you’re on a long journey, you need a place to stop. On the Indore to Khalghat highway, there are more places to choose from than either town. The choice can make it difficult to know when and where to stop, but it doesn’t have to be with a few options on hand.

Here is a comprehensive list containing the best restaurant on Indore Khalghat highway for your road trip needs!

Best Restaurants on Indore Khalghat Highway

There are multiple restaurants on the highway that you can stop at, but there are only a few worth your time.

LIG Maggi and Pasta

Your favourite two-minute Maggi just got a new style at LIG Maggi and Pasta. One of the things Indore got right is their incredible twist on the beloved Indian snack. Pasta hasn’t been left out of the mix either. All their pasta dishes have a desi twist that will have your tastebuds tingling and your stomach pleasantly full.

Chai Zaika

There’s nothing like a quick chai stop as you race down the highway. Chai Zaika offers you the best chai and snacks to go with it. Whether it’s pizza, sandwiches, or something more Indian, there are several options.

Ramesh Dosa

Craving some South Indian food as you drive? Stop off at Ramesh Dosa and get a variety of dosas, each with a unique twist and memorable taste. The wide variety of dosas will have you drooling and unable to choose just one!

The restaurant not only focuses on taste but also on a holistic hygienic experience. The quality of food, customer, service, and a hygienic environment will leave you feeling happy and ready to travel!

Sam’s Cube

If you’re craving those delectable momos from Indore while you’re on the road, then Sam’s has you covered. From pizza momos to shawarma and burgers, Sam’s Cube has a number of snacks for you to relish the spirit of Indore.


Sometimes you just want to be a little pampered and what’s better than enjoying delicious food while on your trip to Indore. At Panjtara, you get a variety of cuisines and a fine dining experience. From Thai Curry to Butter Chicken, get the food you love while being surrounded by your family and friends. Enjoy the safe and fancy environment and food on your trip!

Top ‘n’ Town

Every meal needs to be followed up with a dessert. Top’ n’ Town caters to every sweet craving you’ve ever had. Whether it’s cake, ice cream, or a milkshake, you’ll get every sweet delight you’ve ever dreamed of!

Dili Wala Pan Bhandar

Whether it’s snacks or pan, Dili Wala Pan Bhandar has a wide variety of Indian munchies to choose from!

Turning Your Miles into Smiles: Cube Stop

With all of the savoury delicacies to relish, you must be wondering where to find them. CubeStop brings all the delectable treats together along with a hygienic environment for a refreshing and delightful break from your journey. Cube Stop transforms the entire highway experience with premium wayside amenities to energise you for the rest of the journey. Stop by at Cube Stop to make your road trips memorable!

Wrapping Up

When it comes to road trips, the worst thing to leave unplanned is where you’re going to eat. Choosing the right restaurant is a matter of finding the right food, ambience, and distance. It’s practically a science.

With Cube Stop, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the best options further down the road. You already know the very best, and it’s just a matter of choosing right!