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How to Transform Highway Travel into a Delightful Experience

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Sometimes, travel is not just about a destination. It is about the journey, and when it comes to traveling through the scenic and jaw-dropping highways, it’s a whole new experience in itself.

Highway travels can be fun and exciting. Driving across parallel lights, standing in symmetry by the roadside, crossing aesthetic sights and scenery, covering vast lands, and enjoying calming sunrises/sunsets is a great way to escape the monotonous regular life. Besides, highways connect big and small cities and are a great way to explore the world around them.

However, highway trips bring with them a lot of responsibility. Driving on highways is a pleasure, but it may be a very risky affair if proper guidelines aren’t followed.

If you are planning a highway journey and want to transform it into a delightful experience, we have got you covered. We have listed down tips to follow while driving through highways that will help you stay safe and, at the same time, have fun.

Highway Driving Tips

To begin with, have a pre-drive vehicle check-up. Top up fuel and check tire pressure.  Ensure that your vehicle is completely fine for a prolonged highway trip and check all the essential documents such as pollution certificates, RC, and vehicle insurance papers.

Make sure you have your driving license with you.

Here are some other tips to follow:

·  Search for the Best Route

The subsequent step is to search for the best route you’re going to take for the trip. Keeping all necessities in mind, mark the routes on the map and have them with you.

Also, you can search for scenic routes so that you can have fun while riding through the enthralling scenery. You can also contact local people who can suggest interesting and enriching routes which are aesthetically pleasing.

·   Follow Driving Rules

Adhere to the speed limit while driving through a highway. Keep in mind the driving rules and regulations to ensure your safety along with the safety of fellow drivers on the road.

Also, be cautious of heavy drivers on the road to make your trip enjoyable and safe.

·   Follow Lane Manners

Rapidly converting lanes have to be avoided. Even if it’s essential to alternate lanes, imply and make full use of the mirrors to make certain you don’t abruptly come in the front of a fast-shifting vehicle withinside the adjoining lane. Also, keep away from using the wrong lane.

·   Take Breaks

If you have been driving on the highway for a long time, it is natural to feel fatigued. Sitting in a riding position stiffens your muscles and makes you mentally tired.

Make sure you take enough breaks on the road and stay refreshed throughout the trip. In addition, you should never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is extremely risky for you and other drivers.

·   Have Fun

Now that you know everything to have safe and sound highway travel, prepare to have a fun ride. Create road trip playlists, keep enough food and snacks to avoid hunger, stack enough water bottles, and plan trip games.


The holidays are part of a therapy that people should indulge in from time to time to rejuvenate themselves. Highway travel can be a fun way to observe the beautiful scenery, and as they say, the trip should be enjoyed more than the destination; a highway trip will allow you to do that.

The tips mentioned above are necessary to keep in mind before going on a trip with your gang. Moreover, always make sure to choose the right type of vehicle that has enough space for all your luggage and is also sturdy and reliable enough for your epic journey.

5 Must-Do Road Trips in South India

5 Must-Do Road Trips in South India

If you are a travel buff then you must plan a road trip to enjoy the alluring beauty of South India with your loved ones. Some of the most incredible fun travel stories reside in the parts of South India.

As they say, it’s not just the destination but the journey that matters, we believe that the travel companion also has a major role to play when it comes down to road trips and creating amazing experiences. While driving, you can halt to enjoy gorgeous views and let the local cuisines tinkle your tastebuds.

South India offers numerous exciting road trip opportunities wherein you can explore the unknown, enjoy groovy music tracks, and have fun at the destination as well.

Here’s the list of 5 best road trips that you can plan in South India 

Hyderabad to Araku Valley

Distance: 732 kilometers

Travel time from Hyderabad: 12-15 hours

This road trip in South India is a complete package in itself as you get a wonderful opportunity of witnessing plains, beaches, and hill stations. The trip covers the route from Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam and then from Vizag to Araku. Hyderabad to Araku is an extremely scenic experience and is highly recommended.

Chennai to Munnar

Distance: 591 Kilometers

Travel time from Chennai: 11-13 hours

One of the best road trips in South India is a drive from Chennai to Munnar (Kerala) which gives you access to lovely hilly roads and sea beaches. This is a trip to remember as the beautiful roads, sunny beaches, and acres of lush green tea plantations are mesmerizing and soul-soothing. You can travel to Munnar via Puducherry as well if you are looking for a relaxing beach retreat. You can choose to either halt for some time or stay overnight to enjoy the colorful culture.

Pamban Bridge

Distance: 592 kilometers

Travel time from Bangalore: 10 -12 hours

If you want to take a tour from any part of South India, then a road trip to Pamban Bridge would be a great choice. The 13.5 kilometer stretch in Rameshwaram with water all around you will surely be an unforgettable affair. The bridge interlinks Pamban on the island of Rameshwaram to Tamil Nadu. The landscapes will leave you spellbound.

Bangalore to Ooty

Distance: 265 kilometers

Travel time from Bangalore: 6 hours

Especially popular among college students, a road trip from Bangalore to Ooty, the Queen of Hills, is a good option to consider. In this 265-kilometer-long journey, you can halt in Mysore and explore its rich history and architecture. After reaching Ooty, you can enjoy the splendid hills, lavish resorts, and acres of plantations. This beautiful hill station is among the top tourist destinations in the southern part of India.

Mangalore to Goa

Distance: 364 kilometers

Travel time from Mangalore: 7.30 hours

The Mangalore to Goa journey is not only an evergreen choice but is also loved by everyone, especially beach lovers. Spend time on serene beaches and rejuvenate yourself while drinking the energising coconut water. Head to the wonderful beaches of Gokarna and visit Murudeshwar to try your hand at scuba diving, an experience for a lifetime.

An important aspect of any road trip is eating scrumptious food to satisfy you when hunger strikes. If you are a foodie, then you would be happy to know that Cubestop, which is available on all major highways across India, is your one-stop travel destination. You will find all kinds of food options here whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. Because Cube Stop offers everything to fulfill the travellers needs.

Do You Take Pit Stops While You Travel

travelling on Bengaluru-Chennai highway

Planning a road trip is easy but executing one with the right breaks and pit spots is one crucial decision that you make.

Yes, travelling is all about spontaneity, but paying the right heed to the right alarms is equally important when you are driving on a highway.

“No, I can hold up until we reach there!”, this expression is common among people travelling on highways. Since searching for safe and hygienic washrooms is a nightmare on a highway. But, understand that you are doing a great deal of damage to your bladder caught up between that seat belt, “holding it”. Hence, one can reduce a great deal of risk of suffering from serious health issues if one makes a pit stops.

This was one, another reason why pit spots are important while you drive is that everyone needs a break from that car ride. If you are the one driving then more than anyone, you need a stop for some nerve relaxation. Sit, sip some coffee with some snack before you hit the road again. It is a journey, not a race that you have to finish.

While some still carry food from their homes, it’s equally important for you to stop by a delightfully safe and hygienic place and fill your hunger with some food. Also, it is equally important to keep a strong check on your fuel tank and the health of your car as one ignorance can cost you a lot on an empty stretched road. Rather than being in that situation and then regretting it, bookmark some places that serve the best in a given situation.

Pit stop while travelling is not an alternative, but a smart move that you can take to stretch and create memories while you travel.

Now, imagine a service that caters to your every pit stop needs! You don’t have to scroll down google maps for the best restaurants to eat, to buy quick snack bites or souvenirs for your friends and family while travelling, a place that promises the cleanest washroom for all, and has a fuel refill and car service too for your convenience.

All under one roof! Too much to take? Well, if you are travelling on Bengaluru-Chennai highway, then stop by CubeStop on Chinnar and if travelling on Bengaluru-Hyderabad, Chikkaballapur should be your stop.

Highway travels can be tiresome, boring and unpleasant if you don’t take good pit spots to live every moment of it. One bad highway experience can break the whole chain of enthusiasm. So, without learning it hard way, make sure you take good pit stops while you travel so that you are welcomed by good memories not struggles on every turn of your travel. Then again, the relief of getting everything under one roof is bliss with CubeStop.

Driving Between Bengaluru and Chennai- We have 5 Pro-Tips for You

Driving on a long highway stretch is not like your regular drive. If not planned properly, it can certainly take a toll on you and can give you uncertain uncalled surprises that will spoil the whole experience. The struggle that gets you in if you lose out on one essential while travelling is immense. For eg, fuel nearing the finish line while you are on a kilometres long highway or sudden hunger pang that spoils the fun and you must have brought million hygienic things with you to be used in public washrooms but finding that clean washroom that is hygienic and doesn’t fan your allergic issues is no less than finding a holy grail on highways.

How do you make sure that your highway rides are as smooth as your highway playlist?

While you must have packed everything but something are uncalled. CubeStop at Chinnar is your one-stop solution to those uncalled situations. They cater to the myriad needs that you expect during their journey. How?

Located nearby of 2 states, it comes with Fuel. Stop solution wherein you can just park, chill and relax with amenities and get your fuel tank refilled. It carter to the basic necessity of a traveller on road to avoid any hiccups in his/her journey. You’ll find all fuel stations here open for everyone’s need at all hours. A lot of times, travelling takes your car through many experiences. To avoid giving you one unpleasant one in return, they have a care team at CubeStop to facilitate a seamless experience for you and your car. This include car shield cleaning, air or nitrogen stations and more.

Meeting all your hunger needs from North Indian, South Indian, and Continental to International cuisine, Food. Stop is for all taste buds. It is your go-to highway juncture on Chinnar that has great delicacies. To those craving a great chai on the way, they provide the best of aromatic and healthy ones here. Making the experience an absolute delight for customers/ travellers, spaces exuberate a vibrant atmosphere giving every traveller a full filling break. Made with modern infrastructure, space is for all, including specially-abled. About the food, you will be selecting from the country’s best restaurants and cuisine where it’s not just about maintaining a taste but keeping it healthy too.

Finding a clean washroom is a nightmare for every person on a highway. Solving your that worry, Wash. Stop understands the importance of a clean and hygienic washroom on highways and always wishes that every traveller’s washroom break is a delightful one with them. Being hygienic is of utmost importance for them. Washrooms are air-conditioned that are cleaned and sanitised after every visit keeping the hygienic levels intact. They are odour free and provide a safe experience to travellers. Built for all, these washrooms are specially-abled friendly. Along with that to all mother, they understand the hustle of travelling with a newborn, hence a baby care room is there for them.

Forgot to buy something for your loved ones on the trip or forgot to get some necessary thing for your trip? Worry no more as CubeStop’s Shop.Stop caters to all those needs. What’s travelling without some shopping?! Whether it is buying a souvenir or a handicraft, they understand every requirement of travellers on road. It lets you choose from local, domestic and international products. If hitting the highway late, worry no more as their convenience stores remain open 24×7. Where you will find essentials with tea/coffee vending machines that allow our customers to shop, nonstop and feel refreshed.

Travelling with kids is not a joke. To keep the travelling experience fun for everyone, giving them the right break is equally important or else they will turn your delightful road trip experience on the highway into one filled with hues and cry. Catering to that need, while you shop, eat and relax at your one destination stop, it takes care of your kids in the kid’s section wherein they can play their heart out while you sip your favourite coffee.

Searching for a stop to eat, pee, or fuel refill on a highway is a tiresome job. Now, if you are travelling on the Bengaluru-Chennai highway, you know where to stop as CubeStop in Chinnar cater to all travellers needs under one roof.