Rest Stop: The Best Restaurants on Bangalore to Hyderabad Highway

Rest Stop: The Best Restaurants on Bangalore to Hyderabad Highway

The Bangalore to Hyderabad highway is densely populated and crowded with different restaurants, rest stops, and more. You won’t be hard-up for a place to get some food and eat, but you don’t want to stop and any old place.

When making such a lengthy journey, it’s important to stop at the best restaurant in Bangalore to Hyderabad highway. It ensures that your journey goes smooth and you’re not reaching your destination tired and grumpy!

Need for Rest Stops on Highways

Highways are synonymous with long trips. Often, they’re longer than two hours, and you’ll need a break or two to energize and stretch your legs. It becomes essential to stop and rest to prevent accidents as a driver.

But, the need to stop at a good restaurant on the highway goes beyond just resting. The best restaurant in Bangalore to Hyderabad Highway will have the following:

  • A clean restroom to wash up
  • A good variety of food and cuisines to choose from
  • Areas for play and walking around

If you’re looking for spaces with stores, then you’ll need a rest stop. Cubestop has restaurants, small stores, play areas, and more. So, you can get re-energized and stay in the holiday mood!

How Were the Restaurants Chosen?

When looking for the right restaurant to add to the list, the following factors were considered:

  • Food: the cuisine and food quality are important, possibly the most important factor.
  • Convenience: Not everybody has the time to detour and stop at an obscure restaurant!
  • Reviews: Looking at reviews of people who have been to these restaurants provides the clearest picture!

Best Restaurants on Bangalore to Hyderabad Highway

With all that said and done, it’s finally time to talk about the restaurants themselves. Here are the very best on the Bangalore – Hyderabad highway!

Chai Thela

There’s nothing like a cup of chai midway through your journey. Instead of stopping at just any odd stall on the side of the road, you can opt for Chai Thela. The restaurant is inspired by the beloved chai stalls that you might be tempted to stop at, but it’s hygienic!

The modern, revamped chai stall has several snacks and food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) to accompany your chai cravings. So, you’ll be warm, full, and ready to start on your way!

Simply South

When you’re in South India, it’s best to eat like a local. If you’re craving a dosa or some other South Indian snacks, then stop off at Simply South. It has a variety of breakfast foods and other snacks for you to gorge yourself on before you set off on your journey.

Along with your breakfast and snacks, you get a variety of beverages guaranteed to keep you satiated after a fulfilling meal. Did we mention that it’s completely healthy?

Wrapping Up

There’s nothing worse than stepping into the wrong restaurant on a journey. On highways like the one between Bangalore and Hyderabad, it’s easy to choose the wrong place and end up eating horrible food.

But, with this list, you’ll be set to eat only at the best of restaurants. Not only will you keep up your strength, but you’ll enjoy the ride!

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