Searching for a Good Place to Eat on the Bengaluru-Chennai Highway? Your Search Ends Here

good place to eat on the Bengaluru-Chennai highway

Travel takes you to places, via many highways. Highways memories are the most cherishable ones. From loud music and jamming to that favourite song of the group to stopping by on a fabulous location to capture some moments for social media and travelogue, highway tales are constant tales in everyone’s travelogue. Not just this, highway hosts some of the best eating hubs as when hunger calls, you have to stop! Connecting cities, highways host some of the best eating joints for people to sip, relax and hog into some of the best delicacies that are exclusive and satiate their buds with not just a filler but a tasty delight.

Finding that spot might be difficult, but if you are travelling by Bengaluru-Chennai highway, then no need to go for Google search or prick your head on Zomato ranking as meeting all your Highway Stop needs, CubeStop makes sure that your highway journeys are full filling with no hiccups, but the only delight.

If you are travelling on Bengaluru and Chennai highway, CubeStop in Chinnar, open for all from 7 AM to 11 PM, is your one-stop-shop for all needs and those hunger pangs. Your Food.Stop on the highway caters to all the great delicacies that you could crave in a vibrant atmosphere that lets you make memories with every bite. Modernly made with all fine utilities, they meet every age group’s need, keeping a fine eye on all expectations. Not just this, their space meets all needs of specially-abled people too. Comfort and safety for visitors have been of utmost importance to them.

Want to know what all we serve? Scroll down!

Cafe Udupi Ruchi for all your South Indian, North Indian and Continental fusion cravings. What makes it unique is its lineage of being the world’s first chef less cuisine that believes in quick serving, for whom taste is supremely important and hence maintaining consistency in taste, quality, service and ambience has been fore mostly important for them. Since they are widely spread across the region of the country, doesn’t mean they have a set taste to meet. Their food is not just tasty that leaves people licking their fingers but also healthy keeping a strong eye on what goes in the making for your well-being. They are unique, have a wide variety to offer you all.

Does good chai do wonders to you too? Other than the vibe, what keeps you up is a good chai in a journey and finding that good, authentic chai on highways is no less than a struggle. But no more, if you are in Chinnar at CubeStop. They have Chai Thela that creates an authentic chai for you, that is tasty and healthy. Its wide range is the best in quality, feels fresh at every gulp and is made keeping all hygienic standards in place. You will find the right accompaniments that one needs with chai to complete the experience.

To those who want to try something European, Italian or Mexican on highways, they have brought the best of all worlds for your highway experience. Their Hungarian street has some international cuisine in Kurtosshhh. Health is their supreme ingredient followed by an exclusive taste that caters to every taste bud needs with drool-worthy food. Bringing international cuisine to India, Kurtosshhh made the highway experience one level up as those thinking it’s all about dhabas, good North India food on the highway, was surprised to see this addition.

CubeStop is not just one stop on the Bengaluru-Chennai highway that aims to just feed your stomach. With their variations and offerings, wish to take your highway experience one level up as what’s a journey without a good highway stop. Also keeping in line with these compromising time, our counters are clean and sanitised with minimum human contacts while payments and orderings.

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