5 Must-Do Road Trips in South India

5 Must-Do Road Trips in South India

If you are a travel buff then you must plan a road trip to enjoy the alluring beauty of South India with your loved ones. Some of the most incredible fun travel stories reside in the parts of South India.

As they say, it’s not just the destination but the journey that matters, we believe that the travel companion also has a major role to play when it comes down to road trips and creating amazing experiences. While driving, you can halt to enjoy gorgeous views and let the local cuisines tinkle your tastebuds.

South India offers numerous exciting road trip opportunities wherein you can explore the unknown, enjoy groovy music tracks, and have fun at the destination as well.

Here’s the list of 5 best road trips that you can plan in South India 

Hyderabad to Araku Valley

Distance: 732 kilometers

Travel time from Hyderabad: 12-15 hours

This road trip in South India is a complete package in itself as you get a wonderful opportunity of witnessing plains, beaches, and hill stations. The trip covers the route from Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam and then from Vizag to Araku. Hyderabad to Araku is an extremely scenic experience and is highly recommended.

Chennai to Munnar

Distance: 591 Kilometers

Travel time from Chennai: 11-13 hours

One of the best road trips in South India is a drive from Chennai to Munnar (Kerala) which gives you access to lovely hilly roads and sea beaches. This is a trip to remember as the beautiful roads, sunny beaches, and acres of lush green tea plantations are mesmerizing and soul-soothing. You can travel to Munnar via Puducherry as well if you are looking for a relaxing beach retreat. You can choose to either halt for some time or stay overnight to enjoy the colorful culture.

Pamban Bridge

Distance: 592 kilometers

Travel time from Bangalore: 10 -12 hours

If you want to take a tour from any part of South India, then a road trip to Pamban Bridge would be a great choice. The 13.5 kilometer stretch in Rameshwaram with water all around you will surely be an unforgettable affair. The bridge interlinks Pamban on the island of Rameshwaram to Tamil Nadu. The landscapes will leave you spellbound.

Bangalore to Ooty

Distance: 265 kilometers

Travel time from Bangalore: 6 hours

Especially popular among college students, a road trip from Bangalore to Ooty, the Queen of Hills, is a good option to consider. In this 265-kilometer-long journey, you can halt in Mysore and explore its rich history and architecture. After reaching Ooty, you can enjoy the splendid hills, lavish resorts, and acres of plantations. This beautiful hill station is among the top tourist destinations in the southern part of India.

Mangalore to Goa

Distance: 364 kilometers

Travel time from Mangalore: 7.30 hours

The Mangalore to Goa journey is not only an evergreen choice but is also loved by everyone, especially beach lovers. Spend time on serene beaches and rejuvenate yourself while drinking the energising coconut water. Head to the wonderful beaches of Gokarna and visit Murudeshwar to try your hand at scuba diving, an experience for a lifetime.

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