Driving Between Bengaluru and Chennai- We have 5 Pro-Tips for You

Driving on a long highway stretch is not like your regular drive. If not planned properly, it can certainly take a toll on you and can give you uncertain uncalled surprises that will spoil the whole experience. The struggle that gets you in if you lose out on one essential while travelling is immense. For eg, fuel nearing the finish line while you are on a kilometres long highway or sudden hunger pang that spoils the fun and you must have brought million hygienic things with you to be used in public washrooms but finding that clean washroom that is hygienic and doesn’t fan your allergic issues is no less than finding a holy grail on highways.

How do you make sure that your highway rides are as smooth as your highway playlist?

While you must have packed everything but something are uncalled. CubeStop at Chinnar is your one-stop solution to those uncalled situations. They cater to the myriad needs that you expect during their journey. How?

Located nearby of 2 states, it comes with Fuel. Stop solution wherein you can just park, chill and relax with amenities and get your fuel tank refilled. It carter to the basic necessity of a traveller on road to avoid any hiccups in his/her journey. You’ll find all fuel stations here open for everyone’s need at all hours. A lot of times, travelling takes your car through many experiences. To avoid giving you one unpleasant one in return, they have a care team at CubeStop to facilitate a seamless experience for you and your car. This include car shield cleaning, air or nitrogen stations and more.

Meeting all your hunger needs from North Indian, South Indian, and Continental to International cuisine, Food. Stop is for all taste buds. It is your go-to highway juncture on Chinnar that has great delicacies. To those craving a great chai on the way, they provide the best of aromatic and healthy ones here. Making the experience an absolute delight for customers/ travellers, spaces exuberate a vibrant atmosphere giving every traveller a full filling break. Made with modern infrastructure, space is for all, including specially-abled. About the food, you will be selecting from the country’s best restaurants and cuisine where it’s not just about maintaining a taste but keeping it healthy too.

Finding a clean washroom is a nightmare for every person on a highway. Solving your that worry, Wash. Stop understands the importance of a clean and hygienic washroom on highways and always wishes that every traveller’s washroom break is a delightful one with them. Being hygienic is of utmost importance for them. Washrooms are air-conditioned that are cleaned and sanitised after every visit keeping the hygienic levels intact. They are odour free and provide a safe experience to travellers. Built for all, these washrooms are specially-abled friendly. Along with that to all mother, they understand the hustle of travelling with a newborn, hence a baby care room is there for them.

Forgot to buy something for your loved ones on the trip or forgot to get some necessary thing for your trip? Worry no more as CubeStop’s Shop.Stop caters to all those needs. What’s travelling without some shopping?! Whether it is buying a souvenir or a handicraft, they understand every requirement of travellers on road. It lets you choose from local, domestic and international products. If hitting the highway late, worry no more as their convenience stores remain open 24×7. Where you will find essentials with tea/coffee vending machines that allow our customers to shop, nonstop and feel refreshed.

Travelling with kids is not a joke. To keep the travelling experience fun for everyone, giving them the right break is equally important or else they will turn your delightful road trip experience on the highway into one filled with hues and cry. Catering to that need, while you shop, eat and relax at your one destination stop, it takes care of your kids in the kid’s section wherein they can play their heart out while you sip your favourite coffee.

Searching for a stop to eat, pee, or fuel refill on a highway is a tiresome job. Now, if you are travelling on the Bengaluru-Chennai highway, you know where to stop as CubeStop in Chinnar cater to all travellers needs under one roof.