Historical Places to visit near Porbandar


Porbandar and its historical significance

Porbandar is a beautiful coastal city located in the Indian state of Gujarat and is well known for its historical places. Over time it has developed and become a significant place for tourists.

It is a perfect destination for beautiful beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, museums, and architecture of historical importance.

The place is of rich historical importance as it is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, Sudama and even the traces of Harappan civilization can also be found here.

Popular tourist places to visit near Porbandar:



A small village located 42 km from Porbandar. It is famous for its archaeological ruins. Its major point attractions are Navlakha Temple, Ghumli Ganesh Temple, Ashapura Temple, Son Kasari Temple, Kileshwar Mahadev Temple, etc.

Jambuvan Cave

Jambuvan Cave

An ancient cave is located 17 km from Porbandar railway station.

There are more than 50 shivalinga naturally formed in the Jambuvan cave. This place is believed to be the resting place of warrior Jambuvan.

Inside the cave, there are two tunnels, one leading to Dwarka and the other to Junagadh.

Shri Hari Temple

Shri Hari Temple

It is one of the most beautiful temples located at a distance of 8 km from Porbandar railway station. The temple comprises 66 pillars and there are idols of numerous Hindu deities like Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna, Goddess Parvati, etc.

It is also an auditorium, and it is used for cultural and spiritual activities.



It is majorly famous for Bileshwar Mahadev temple. It is at a distance of 40 km from Porbandar. The temple also has idols of Goddess Parvati, Devi Ganga, and Nandi.

It was one of the classical temple architectures in Gujarat.

Harsiddhi Mata Temple

Harsiddhi Mata Temple

It is also known as Harshal Mata Temple. Located atop Koylo Dungar hill at Gandhvi village, which is at a 40 km distance from Porbandar.

Krishna wanted to defeat the asuras and Jasarandha with the blessings of Ambe Mata, he was also able to defeat the Asuras. Later to celebrate the success this temple was built.

It has its own architectural significance.

It takes approx. 300 steps to reach the Harsiddhi Mata temple on the top of Koylo Dungar hill. You can also enjoy the view from the hilltop.

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 15 km from Porbandar. This sanctuary exhibits a great variety of fauna including varieties of butterflies, Lion Chikara, Sambar, crocodile and chameleon, rattle, leopard, wolf, Spotted Eagle, and Crested Hawk Eagle.

Also out of the four most venomous snakes, three are found here.

It is a great place to visit if you are a wildlife lover.

Wrapping Up

 We came across so many places near Porbandar. You will find many more new places to explore here.

And why just around, Porbandar is itself a beautiful place to visit. From its rich historical architecture to fun activities such as sightseeing and having a camel ride you can do it all.

Plus, Porbandar is a famous shopping spot. You can find the best traditional here.

Overall, may it be Porbandar or it’s nearby to is a perfect place where we can spend some quality time with your family and friends.



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Iconic Historical Places to Visit Near Bengaluru

Lal Bagh

Bengaluru is a beautiful city known for its bustling nature and immense vibrance. Its rapidly evolving nature is a cause of awe for many! However, this is not all! Bengaluru also encompasses several historical tourist locations that you can visit when you like.

These places hold a lot of significance and can add great value to your bucket list as part of your tour plans. The different places that you can visit as a part of this endeavor are mentioned below in detail.

Tipu Sultan’s Fort

Tipu Sultan's Fort

Mysore is located close to Bangalore. Hence you can add important tourist spots from this region to your plans as well. One of this place’s oldest and most popular tourist attractions is Tipu Sultan’s palace and his fort.

The Sultan is known to have utilized this fort as a summer retreat. The construction of this palace concluded in the late 1700s, making it a fabulous location indeed! If you are a lover of architecture, you simply cannot miss this tourist spot!

Mayo Hall

The 4th Viceroy of India, Lord Mayo, is the reason behind the construction of this structure. This monument is located at the city’s center and provides an expansive view of multiple other prominent locations.

They include the Brigade Grounds, the Parade Grounds, the Ulsoor Lake, and the Bangalore Race Course. Therefore, an all-encompassing experience is guaranteed to you as a part of visiting this monument.

Government Museum

Government Museum

What is more iconic and telling of the past than museums? The museum maintained by the government was established in the year of 1865. Therefore, this museum is one of the oldest museums in the entirety of India itself!

Multiple galleries, collections of weapons, and artifacts make this museum highly enticing and visit-worthy!

St. Mary’s Basilica

St. Mary's Basilica

Churches are one of the oldest structures of Bengaluru. Established in 1882, the St. Mary’s Basilica is an old vintage structure that speaks a lot about the town’s history. It is not bound to a particular deity or religion, although it might seem so.

The secularity followed at this place is an important reason why you should definitely add this place to your bucket list without fail!

Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh

This one is for nature lovers. The Lal Bagh garden is one of the oldest locations in Bangalore. Hyder Ali envisioned it in the year of 1889. The expanse of this garden spans over 240 acres of area.

Another major highlight of this place is that it’s the home to a rock that is over 3000 million years old, according to geologists.

Summing Up

It is no hidden fact that Bengaluru is teeming with historical tourist locations for you to choose from! The variety in the locations makes for a never-ending slew of adventures that you can undertake.

The history of this place comes alive in all of these locations and makes the entire experience highly enriching. Therefore, you can chart out the best plan that includes all of these places to experience the best possible experience!



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