Travelling on the Bangalore Hyderabad Highway? Watch Out for These Sightseeing Stops

Travelling on the Bangalore Hyderabad Highway

It is often said that the journey is more important than the destination. This saying holds even now since the journey further accentuates the excitement of the final destination.

Bangalore to Hyderabad is one such drive, where you will find yourself enjoying the trip. It will take close to 10 hours, so naturally, you’re going to require a lot of stops.

But don’t settle. We have curated a list of the best stops to make your trip a little easier!

Why taking breaks is important

It is essential to get out of your vehicle and stretch regularly. Whether stopping for food or refuelling your car, find an excuse to get out.

A long journey is tiresome, even when done with breaks. Now imagine just driving in the same position without stopping for ten hours. Your body is bound to face some fatigue and muscle pain, and you may need a trip to a doctor.

Why take this risk when you can use these stops to enjoy your journey?

You Have to Stop at These Places!

For the sake of both leisure and health, check out a few places we’ve compiled for you to have a comfortable stop.

Highway stops

Several highway stops like CubeStop have been popping up all over the country. They not only provide a place for recreation, but they also boast a variety of eateries.

Whether you want to refuel your vehicle or shop for a last moment gift, a highway stop is a place for you! You can relax at these establishments for any amount of time.

Lepakshi village

It is a small and cosy village located near Anantpur. It is renowned for its many Shiva, Vishnu, and Virabhadra temples. Moreover, the construction of this temple was done during the peak of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Tickle the history buff in you as you explore the beautiful paintings and carvings present on the walls!

Belum caves

You can visit the Belum caves present in Kolimigundla in Andhra Pradesh en route to your destination. This cave system is the longest and largest one opened for public viewing.

You can walk through the long passages and view preserved galleries and caverns.

Mallela Theertham

There’s nothing better than watching a waterfall in its full glory! Mallela Theertham is located at Nagarkurnool and is in the midst of the Nallamala Forest.

You have to walk down a flight of 350 stairs to access the waterfall. It will give you a chance to explore nature to its fullest.


Driving gradually along the highway with regular stops will prove to be a unique experience. You can time the trip according to the number of stops you make and reach the destination in time.

It’s a good idea to get out of the city before peak traffic takes over. You can stop for food at various eateries on the highway to beat the traffic.

From there, the road trip begins in full swing!

Food Routes: The Best Restaurants in the Bangalore to Chennai Highway


When looking for the best restaurant in the Bangalore to Chennai highway, there are many dishes to try out. With the popularity of the national highway rising, the number of food establishments rose proportionately.

While it isn’t a life-or-death decision, the right restaurant on your drive can set the tone for the rest of your trip. Whether it is cuisine, food type, or ambiance, there are restaurants of every kind. But choosing the best one comes down to picking from the cult classic!

The Vellore Kitchen

Vellore Kitchen is an excellent choice if you’re looking for options. Placed conveniently on the way to Bengaluru, it’s a place you can either stop for a complete dining experience or get a quick bite to go.

There’s something for everyone with the best of Indian and Asian cuisine. Whether you’re craving a complete South Indian meal or some starters for tea, The Vellore Kitchen doesn’t disappoint with service, quality, or ambiance.

Hotel SaiSangeet

When you don’t want to get off the highway on the way, then Hotel SaiSangeet is a convenient option. They’re a South Indian vegetarian restaurant, so this isn’t the right stop if you’re looking for a non-vegetarian meal.

When looking for the best restaurant in the Bangalore to Chennai highway for a vegetarian meal, you can’t beat SaiSangeet. A quick lunch stop should keep you energetic for the drive back.

Murugan Idli Shop

If you’re looking for a food experience to connect Chennai and Bangalore, you need to stop at Murugan Idli Shop. The South Indian vegetarian restaurant is one of the finest ways to sample some South Indian tiffin food.

The experience isn’t just tasty but remarkably healthy. As South Indian food is known to be, there are many nutrients in every meal. It doesn’t leave too full or heavy.

Ambur Star Biryani

There is nothing better than some biryani as you cruise down to your destination. As it happens, the highway between Bangalore and Chennai has one of the best restaurants for it. Ambur Star Biryani has remained one of the best restaurants for biryani around town.

It’s the perfect stop for afternoon lunch or dinner, especially if biryani’s your favorite. It remains the authentic recipe and has been the favorite of those passing on the highway for a long time now.

A2B Veg Restaurant

When you’re traveling early and haven’t had time for some breakfast beforehand, then A2B is the perfect place to stop off. Complete with South Indian vegetarian options such as idli and dosa, it’s light and quick.

A2B is a staple breakfast option for most travelers. It is pretty reasonable and convenient to stop at. There are options for everybody no matter the time of day, but breakfast is your best bet.

Wrapping Up

Multiple restaurants crop up all the time on the Bangalore to Chennai highway. But, when it comes to the very best spots on the highway, there’s none better than very classic. All these options have been around for long enough to become cult favorites.

With this list, you’re set to speed on ahead to enjoy your drive.

Road Trip from Bangalore to Chennai: What to see and eat along the way

Road trip from Bangalore to Chennai

Chennai is set on the coast of the Bay of Bengal and has a lot to offer. It also makes sure that it never disappoints its visitors. This lovely city has still its unique charm. Immersed in tradition, yet Chennai is new and modern. This lively south Indian city is famous for its beaches, religious places, and scrumptious food. Here, the mornings begin with the fragrance of jasmine in the streets and days end with relaxing evenings.

If you are planning a road trip from Bangalore to Chennai, then you must know that the beautiful highway routes will surely take your breath away. In this blog, we will tell you about what you can explore and eat along the way. Get all the travel tips of what is needed for an ideal road trip from Bangalore to Chennai.

The route from Bangalore to Chennai is adorned with hidden gems, well-kept secrets, and priceless gems in the beauty of South India. If you are curious, spontaneous, and adventurous, then a road trip by car or bike will be the best pick. The distance between the two cities is 346 kilometers that can be easily covered in six to seven hours. Moreover, the highway stops make the journey even more blissful with great facilities. It fills leisure and makes you stop even more comfortable. Cube Stop is one such wayside amenity that offers everything that a traveller needs. Be it delicious food choices, most hygienic washrooms, fuel stations for smooth travel, or convenience stores for last moment purchasing.

Popular spots along the way

Krishnagiri Fort

This fort is perfect for trekking. It was built by Krishnadevaraya of the Vijaynagar Empire in the 16th century.

Kaigal Waterfalls, Vellore

This incredible picnic spot is about 2.5 kilometers from Kaigal village. It is ideal for a quiet afternoon picnic with your close ones.

Srilakshmi Golden Temple, Vellore

No one should miss out on this gem when in Vellore. Costing a whopping 65 million US dollars, the whole structure is coated in gold leaf.

Rajiv Gandhi Memorial, Sriperumbudur

It is the memorial where Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated.

Vallakottai Murugan Temple, Sriperumbudur

Standing as a fine example of India’s best architecture to this day, this temple is 1,200 years old. It also houses the tallest statue of Lord Murugan in all of Chennai.

Best places to eat along the way

Sri Krishna Inn, Krishnagiri

For a mouth-watering South Indian meal and filter coffee, stop at Sri Krishna Inn. Their paper dosas are extremely delicious.

Vellore Kitchen, Vellore

This famous restaurant serves lip-smacking Indian and Asian dishes.

Sathyam Grand Resort, Sriperumbudur

If you love Japanese food, then enjoy a meal at the resort’s Tokyo restaurant for a nice change. The food tastes quite good and the place is also quite hygienic.

If you are a foodie, then you would be happy to know that at Cube Stop, you are sure to get beyond your expectations. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you will find all kinds of food stores here. Chai Thela is the best option for you where quick bites start at Rs. 50 only. Expect to get the best in affordable rates at Cube Stop. If you are not that hungry but just want to satisfy your munchies then, this is the best place for you. One can also enjoy express delicacies at Red Pepper Express and dive into the various South Indian Cuisines of Café Udupi Ruchi. You can even taste the amazing European, Italian & Mexican bites at Kurtosshhh. Cube Stop is surely a foodie’s delight and a traveller’s dream come true. If you are on a road trip from Bangalore to Chennai you must make a quick stop here to experience the best.