Best Foods on Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway that will get you Drooling

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Nagpur in Maharashtra and Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, both the places are known for their special foods. Pav Bhaji and Kanda Poha in Nagpur and Malpua and Chicken Samosa in Jabalpur are surely the favourites of any foodie. The foods of these two states are famous all across the country for their taste, diversity, and easy accessibility. Dishes like kathi rolls, chhole bathure, missal pav, dosa, Pao bhaji, chaat, idli sambhar, etc. are perfect when you are on a road trip. And you can get these at the food courts on Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway. Indian food is one of its kind that is made with a mélange of exotic spices and ingredients. Even foreigners love Indian street food a lot.

In case you are a big-time foodie and are in love with scrumptious meals. Then we understand that you cannot resist the urge of digging into mouth-watering food. In this blog, we present the best foods on Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway that are sure to tantalise your taste buds in just no time. Read on to know about lip-smacking Indian food that we all love.

Pav Bhaji

For so many reasons, pav bhaji is very famous throughout the country. The spicy, hot, and flavourful bhaji is served with butter-oozing pavs. Locals, as well as tourists, love it so much. This is a delightful dish as it is the ideal blend of a myriad variety of veggies as well as exotic spices. The generous portions of tomato and onion slices served with pav bhaji give a nice tangy flavour to the entire dish. A little lemon juice can be squeezed on the bhaji to make it even more flavorful.

Kathi Rolls

Kathi rolls are everyone’s favourite. A treat to the eyes as well as to the palate, the tasty rolls are made with a tasty filling of kebabs and raw veggies. The filling is stuffed inside a flaky and crispy maida-based paratha. If you are ever on Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway, then don’t forget to try Kathi rolls at Cube Stop.

Chhole Bhature

This Punjabi dish is a soulful food for everyone. Every food lover is always excited to have this incredible combo of puffy hot bhaturas with spicy and creamy chhole.

The Highway Food Co. is a popular food court on Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway and is known for serving scrumptious meals. You can have the best North Indian, Chinese, and South Indian food at this Cube Stop. It is a multi-cuisine food brand that ensures lip-smacking meals for everyone stopping here. If you are suddenly feeling very hungry while you are driving on the Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway and want to take a stop, then visit this outlet at the Cube Stop. The most popular food items here include dosas, Manchurian, paneer butter masala, etc. This multi-cuisine food joint at Cube Stop is the perfect place to just chill for a while when you are on your road trip.

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Do You Take Pit Stops While You Travel

travelling on Bengaluru-Chennai highway

Planning a road trip is easy but executing one with the right breaks and pit spots is one crucial decision that you make.

Yes, travelling is all about spontaneity, but paying the right heed to the right alarms is equally important when you are driving on a highway.

“No, I can hold up until we reach there!”, this expression is common among people travelling on highways. Since searching for safe and hygienic washrooms is a nightmare on a highway. But, understand that you are doing a great deal of damage to your bladder caught up between that seat belt, “holding it”. Hence, one can reduce a great deal of risk of suffering from serious health issues if one makes a pit stops.

This was one, another reason why pit spots are important while you drive is that everyone needs a break from that car ride. If you are the one driving then more than anyone, you need a stop for some nerve relaxation. Sit, sip some coffee with some snack before you hit the road again. It is a journey, not a race that you have to finish.

While some still carry food from their homes, it’s equally important for you to stop by a delightfully safe and hygienic place and fill your hunger with some food. Also, it is equally important to keep a strong check on your fuel tank and the health of your car as one ignorance can cost you a lot on an empty stretched road. Rather than being in that situation and then regretting it, bookmark some places that serve the best in a given situation.

Pit stop while travelling is not an alternative, but a smart move that you can take to stretch and create memories while you travel.

Now, imagine a service that caters to your every pit stop needs! You don’t have to scroll down google maps for the best restaurants to eat, to buy quick snack bites or souvenirs for your friends and family while travelling, a place that promises the cleanest washroom for all, and has a fuel refill and car service too for your convenience.

All under one roof! Too much to take? Well, if you are travelling on Bengaluru-Chennai highway, then stop by CubeStop on Chinnar and if travelling on Bengaluru-Hyderabad, Chikkaballapur should be your stop.

Highway travels can be tiresome, boring and unpleasant if you don’t take good pit spots to live every moment of it. One bad highway experience can break the whole chain of enthusiasm. So, without learning it hard way, make sure you take good pit stops while you travel so that you are welcomed by good memories not struggles on every turn of your travel. Then again, the relief of getting everything under one roof is bliss with CubeStop.