How to Travel Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

travel safely during the COVID-19

With COVID-19 bringing leisure travel to a halt, we are now thinking “Will we or won’t we travel again?” And if we do, when would be a safe time? And which precautions should we take? We cannot wait for things to get back to normal—whatever that new normal is. But there’s no denying that things have changed and we need to adapt to new travel norms. There is going to be a shift towards more conscious travel now. There will be less hopping from one place to another. We will stay longer at each destination. We will explore offbeat places more. We will fly less and self-drive more.

With wanderlust around the world at a standstill, let’s peek into the future of travel in a post-COVID world and know about the travel tips during the COVID-19 times.

Domestic tourism to thrive first

All the countries are affected by the pandemic and all of them will recover at their own pace. Owing to an atmosphere of uncertainty, most of the people are going to choose destinations close to their homes for the next few months. There will be several cities in almost all countries that will get fully recovered in the next few months. People would choose to travel there first.

Domestic travelling is going to be an in-thing as international tourism will probably start to recover in the next six-seven months (and that too not for all the countries). Even then, it won’t kick in completely until and unless there is a sure shot medical treatment or a vaccine available for coronavirus. Moreover, most people would prefer regional and corona-free destinations for safety purposes. In short, all foreign travel will get diverted to domestic destinations.

The travelers would prefer their personal vehicles or would hire self-driven cars rather than using public transport. The highway travel experience would also be a challenge as most travelers have apprehensions about stopping at an unhygienic place. One of the most important travel tips in COVID times is to look out for hygienic food outlets only, especially on highways. This is made possible by Cube Stop. You will find a variety of food options from regional & international outlets, with minimum contact billing, travellers would have the option of choosing food from a range of vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes. The place also has ultra-clean washrooms for Males, Females & Physically Challenged.

Choosing accommodations differently

Selecting hotels for your next vacation will be a completely different decision now. Everyone will be booking brands that they trust to have hygiene systems in place. Searching for centrally-located smaller properties will be a common thing as nobody would like to spend time in public transportation getting from one place to another. Hotels offering ‘minimum touchpoints’ will be selected more by travellers. Thus, forget about long queues at check-in and check-out, key cards, crowded buffet breakfasts, etc. These will become a thing of the past now.

For weekend and long summer breaks, you are more likely to stay at secluded, boutique properties amidst nature, away from crowded cities. Private homes, bungalows, and villas will also be selected based on verifications and high reviews regarding cleanliness and sanitation.